Our priority is the priority of the client.

PCFM is a company specialized in finding solutions for the manufacture of moulds for complex parts for plastic injection, vulcanized rubber and thermosets.

We are enabled to provide a complete service from design to development and product improvement. Make improvements to the article, We project its mold with the best technological solutions and if necessary have a technical support and assistance available for our customer get the most out of molds for us manufactured.

Objective: Present the best solutions within a balanced relationship between the price and the final quality of the product developing. Whenever we can, We present solutions that may correspond to an improvement in the product, reduction of production cycles and consequent reduction of final price.

Team: Since our Foundation, in 1999, to this day, We went and we intend to continue to be a company of family structure. Our team is well trained, with high level of education and very specialized. Bet on training, in which we invest continuously, as well as on cooperation in the team.

Equipment: We are equipped with the machinery needed for the type of work that we wish to develop. These are equipped with the most modern and capable market tools, in order to make the most of our gear. In cases where our equipment shows insufficient to the needs of the product, We have a network of partners that we run some parts totally or partially, doing the Assembly and adjustment of the final product in our facilities.

Instalações da PCFM

PCFM facilities.